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4L60E Upgrade

RDRacing transmission rebuild/upgrade

$1550.00 with core  (Additional core charge  $300.00)

 - Performance Alto Red Eagle Friction Clutch Kit  (or choice of Zpak if you insist)
- Heavy Duty Alto Kolene Steels Clutch Kit
- all gaskets, seals, o-rings, sealing rings, etc
- High Performance Kevlar Band
- New Filter
- Pump Bushing
- Pump seal retainer
- Performance Corvette Servo Kit with Servo Piston, Sleeve, O-rings & Sealing rings

- Torrington roller thrust bearings

Transgo shift kit for the 1993-up 4L60E. With this upgrade you'll be able to hold 1st, 2nd, & 3rd to any RPM. You will also be able to downshift at any RPM. I think this is the most complete shift kit available and definitely the most reputable. This is not like other kits that just change a few springs and have you drill a few holes. This kit comes with three different valves to help completely recalibrate the shifts, and includes the large .490 Boost Valve.

Transgo separator plate for the 1996 4L60E. The stock plates wear out very quickly, even after 20,000-30,000 miles you'll notice excessive wear from the check balls. Once these plates start wearing you will slowly start to lose shift quality, this can eventually lead to transmission failure. This new Transgo plate is made from tougher metal and is also zinc plated, to make it a very durable item.

29 element forward sprag for 4L60E. This is a must for high HP transmission. This sprag will increase torque capacity in all forward gears.

"The Beast" sun gear shell for the 4L60E. This is one of the main weak points in these transmissions. With this new hardened unit, you will eliminate potential problems with hub failure (I lost my first tranny this way). This unit is a must in high HP applications.

13 vane pump upgrade! Great for high HP, heavy abuse applications. Stock, these transmissions have 10 vane pump. This 13 vane pump will help to eliminate the line pressure fluctuations and high RPM pressure drop seen with the stock pump configurations. This upgrade includes, a 13 vane rotor, vane rotor guide, pump slide, 13 vanes, 2 upgraded hardened heavy duty vane rings, O-ring, and slide seal (and no modifications are made to your pump housing).

 Additional items at extra charge:

All billet Servo, 30 to 40% more surface area, higher clamping force on band.

5 pinion planetary for all years of the 4L60E. This is a new aftermarket unit, NOT REBUILT. This is one of the upgrades used in the 4L65E transmission.  This is not included in standard upgrade above, as I have not found these to be of concern in cars up to 500HP.


Reverse input drum for the 4L60E.  If your band has burned badly, the original drum may be worn in the center causing it not to be flat across the band surface.  I will not re-use a worn drum, as you will burn up the new band very quickly because the band will not have good flat contact with the drum.             


Note:  this drum is not required or suggested if your drum meets inspection requirements.

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